Istikhara For Marriage Dua – How To Do Istikhara Dua

Istikhara For Marriage Dua

We all know how cruel and mean this world is becoming day by day. Continuously praying before Allah Tala is one of the best ways to handle every bad situation in life. Praying for all the good things should also be done for the purpose of showing gratitude to the Almighty. Another reason for performing prayer named Istikhara is very important. The decision of getting married for any person is not a minor decision of life. Before making this decision, a lot of people choose to perform the Istikhara for marriage dua.

If you have reached the age of marriage, then you should learn how to do istikhara for marriage dua. We should always remember that Allah is there to help us through every difficult situation in life. The decision of getting married is a life-changing decision that always proves to be difficult for every person. Istikhara for marriage is a special prayer or supplication that will help a person in making the right decision of marriage.

if you are worried about your marriage relationship and thus need powerful wazifa for getting married soon then you can recite surah Kausar wazifa for marriage.

Dua of Istikhara For Marriage

Istikhara for marriage

The Salat-Al-Istikhara is the dua of istikhara for marriage that helps people greatly. We understand how difficult it becomes for people to make a decision about which person to get married to. In cases of arranged marriages, any person might feel confused because of the multiple proposals they get. This is why people choose to perform istikhara for getting married so that they can make the right decision.

Performing the Salat-Al-Istikhara dua of istikhara for marriage is the best remedy to seek guidance from Allah SWT. The Salat Al Istikhara for getting married will help a person in making the right decision about getting married to the only person who is destined for them. Being one of the most difficult yet important decisions of life, seeking help from Allah should never be taken for granted.

sometimes girls don’t receive good marriage proposals when they are ready for marriage and thus get older and older but in such cases, girls should recite dua for immediate marriage proposal with the full faith of Allah SWT.

Dua For Istikhara For Marriage

Knowing how to do dua for istikhara for marriage is a must for all Muslims. Not only does istikhara dua help people in making decisions of marriage but other life-altering decisions as well. There are many decisions related to personal and professional life that need to be taken with proper guidance and understanding. This is why whenever a person contacts our Islamic scholar to ask how to do istikhara, our scholar first wants to understand the reason behind performing it.

If a person is thinking about performing an istikhara for a minor decision of life, then we advise you to not do it. Dua for istikhara is not a regular dua that can be performed for any minor problem of life. It should always be performed for a decision that can completely change your life forever. Dua for istikhara for marriage is one such prayer for the life turning decision.

Istikhara For Marriage

dua of istikhara for marriage

Until now, we have told you how istikhara is helpful for your life. Now, we are going to tell you how to perform istikhara for marriage step by step.

  • The first step of performing istikhara is always performing wuzu.
  • While performing ablution, one should always center their thoughts. They should begin thinking about the reason why they are performing this istikhara for.
  • After completing ablution, point your index finger of the right hand and begin reciting the prayer of witness. Ash-Hadu Al Laa Ilaaha Illallahu Wahdahu Laa Sharii kalahu, Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammadan ‘Abduhuu Wa Rasooluh.
  • Before beginning the istikhara, you have to sit in a place away from the noise and distractions. Sit down on your prayer mat facing the Qibla.
  • Begin with the recitation of the Istefta Dua followed by the Ta’awwuz.
  • To end the dua istikhara for getting married, recite the Tasmiah. Bismillaah hir-Rehma nir-Rahim.

If you find any difficulty in understanding the above-mentioned process, you can talk to our Maulvi. He will help you in understanding all the important aspects of performing istikhara. He will also tell you about the istikhara signs that will help you in making the right decision for your future married life.

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