Wazifa For Loving Husband and Wife in Islam

Wazifa For Loving Husband

For every man and woman, Allah has set rules that should be followed especially in the aspect of marriage. The holy Quran has many duas and wazifas that help us in fulfilling all our duties in the right manner. The wazifa for loving husband is one such prayer that helps women in getting married to the right man.

Wazifa for a loving husband is a prayer that has always helped our sisters in finding a pious husband. Getting married to a man who understands his values and responsibilities is the best thing that can happen for a woman after marriage. Dua for getting a good spouse will help in finding the best life partner.

When a woman gets married to a loving man, her whole life becomes happier. Even though people feel the pressure of getting married as soon as they reach the age of marriage, waiting for the right person is very necessary. It is better to wait for the person destined for you rather than marrying the wrong man. The wazifa for getting a loving husband is a dua that will make this happen.

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Wazifa For Husband In Love

Wazifa For Husband In Love

Even after getting married to a loving husband, a woman cannot avoid the problems that come in her married life. The marriage between a man and woman goes through a lot of rough patches. Because of these problems, the distance between a husband and wife creates more problems. The wazifa for husband in love with his wife is a remedy to get rid of this distance.

When a woman feels that her husband is drifting away from her, she begins to suspect the involvement of another woman. The wazifa for husband in love with another woman will help a married woman in getting rid of her husband’s extramarital relationships. This wazifa is a powerful prayer that will make sure that the man begins to realize his mistake. He will realize the sins he is doing by cheating on his wife immediately

Wazifa For Love Between Husband And Wife

The wazifa for love between husband and wife is the perfect prayer to be read in the initial stages of marriage. The feeling of hesitation newlyweds have is very common and will settle down in its own time. The wazifa for husband-wife love will help you in getting rid of this hesitation very easily.

Let us now tell you the process of performing the wazifa for love between husband and wife. This wazifa will also help you in getting rid of the problems of your married life.

  • First step of this wazifa is to take a bath and perform Wudu.
  • After cleaning yourself, you have to settle down on your prayer mat in a quiet room.
  • Begin reciting the 10th ayat (verse) of Surah Al Ahzab. Read this verse 11 times.
  • Then read the Ayatul Kursi 10 times.
  • At the end, blow over your husband after completing this prayer.
  • To get the best results, perform this process for 21 consecutive days.

If you need more help about these wazifa for husbands, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab.

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