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Dua For Wife

A marriage between a man and woman ties them in matrimony as husband and wife. It is the duty and responsibility of both the spouses to always have each other’s back during thick and thin. It is very commonly seen that the wife is the one who makes the most efforts to maintain a healthy marital relationship. Very few men are seen reading the dua for wife for their spouse.

Dua for wife’s health is a prayer that is read by husbands. This dua for spouse is read in the case when a woman falls severely ill. We all know that Allah has the power to change our destinies. To request him to bring a change in your wife’s life, you can read the dua for your wife’s health.

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Dua For Good Wife

dua to get wife back

The dua for good wife is a powerful prayer from the holy Quran which helps men in finding a good wife. For men, this dua acts like a dua for good spouse in Quran. Reading this dua with a pure heart and intention will help a man find a righteous wife very easily. Dua for a wife in Quran will help all those men who are facing the issue of delayed marriage.

Dua for good wife is helpful when a man gets married to a woman who is not loyal to her values. To bring a positive change in her behavior so that she begins to become a good wife to her husband. The dua for a good wife will make her realize her responsibilities towards her spouse and marriage. This positive change will make the marriage between spouses happier.

When a man gets married, the idea of beginning a new life with a strange woman is very nerve wrecking. The best dua for my wife is a prayer that men should read before beginning their married life. It is a dua that will make sure that the relationship with their wife always remains happy and full of love. Dua for your wife in Quran will help you in maintaining a healthy marriage that will always be strong and loyal.

Here is Powerful Dua To Get Wife Back

A lot of men make some mistakes that make their wife leave them. Breaking the trust of their wife and cheating on them is one of the most common one. When a man realizes the sin he has done, he wishes to bring his wife back in his life. This can be done with the help of the dua to get wife back.

Dua to get wife back is a prayer that is similar to the dua for my wife to love me again. Dua for my wife to love me again is the prayer that will help a man apologize for his mistake and seek forgiveness of his spouse. The process of this dua is written below:

  • Before beginning this dua, you have to offer salah five times a day.
  • Perform ablution and complete the obligatory prayer (namaz).
  • After the namaz, recite Durood Shareef seven times.
  • Then, chant this verse: “Bismillaah Al Ameen Illallah”. Chant this dua fifty times in a soft voice.
  • Make sure you perform the ritual of this dua for a month without missing a day.

To know more about the dua for your wife, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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