Dua of Istikhara About Marriage – How To Do An Istikhara

Istikhara About Marriage

Istikhara is a very special prayer in the religion of Islam. It is the prayer that is read to seek guidance from Allah Tala himself. Istikhara about marriage is a very special prayer that people read when they wish to make a decision about marriage.

Decision about getting married is a huge life altering decision that should never be taken lightly. A person who wishes to have a love marriage or even an arranged marriage sometimes gets stuck in making some choices. These choices if made in a rush can have a huge impact in the life of the person who makes them. This is why people should know how to do istikhara for marriage.

When a person thinks of performing istikhara about marriage, they should have some points clear in their mind. They need to understand that istikhara is a very powerful prayer that should be performed only in dire situations. When a person makes a decision about performing istikhara, they need to first take guidance from a person who understands Islam and Quran. It is better to talk to the elders in the family. It is best to talk to an Islamic scholar for knowing the importance and benefits of performing istikhara for marriage.

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Istikhara On Marriage

Istikhara on marriage is a very special Quranic prayer that will help a person in making a decision of marriage. Many Muslims are unaware of the importance and benefits of istikhara in the aspect of marriage. We all know that getting married is a commitment of a lifetime that is considered very sacred for people involved in it.

We are now going to talk about the reasons why people wish to perform isitkhara on marriage related problems. In the case of arranged marriage, a person obviously has a fear about making a decision. They wish to find out whether the choice they are inclined to make is the right one for them or not. But this fear can be removed with the help of the istikhara for marriage.

On the other hand, people who wish to marry their lover can also perform the istikhara for love marriage. By performing the istikhara by name or photo of lover, they can find out about their future together. They can get an insight into the life they will have with their lover and whether it is right for them to get married to him or her.

Dua Istikhara Marriage

If you have understood the reasons why istikhara is performed, we are now going to tell you about the dua istikhara marriage. You can find out how to perform dua isitkhara for marriage to get the best results from it.

Make sure you follow the process of performing dua istikhara for getting married carefully. Even though the process of performing it is easy but if anything is not done correctly, all your efforts will go to waste.

  • Begin with performing ablution to clean yourself properly.
  • Recite two rakat nafil namaz, first being Surah Fatiha followed by Surah Kafiroon.
  • Then recite Surah Al-Ikhlas after this. Then recite the dua for marriage.
  • While reading the dua, keep on saying the name of the person you are about to marry.
  • Perform this istikhara for seven continuous days to get the best results in making the decision

To get direct guidance in performing istikhara, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab. He will personally help you in understanding the process and signs of istikhara for getting married.

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