Surah Dua For Healing A Broken Heart

With the presence of love, life becomes a happy journey with lots of beautiful memories and experiences. For people finding love as well is as common as others experiencing heartbreak. Going through heartbreak is a sorrowful phase in the life of a person. The dua for broken heart is a prayer that reduces the misery to most extent. Experience of a broken heart is different for every person.

Dua for Broken Heart

Dua For Heartbreak

In life, we experience a lot of things. All these experiences teach us something important that stays with us for the rest of the lifetime. People experiencing heartbreak is very common these days. If you are also going through a broken phase, then the dua for a broken heart will help you.

Heartbreak is an inevitable part of life of any person. Not just in love, but in other aspects of life as well difficult situations have the power to break your heart. Separation from lover, losing your loved ones to death, failure in studies or career can break anyone’s heart. People who believe in Allah should not forget to read the dua for a broken heart to cope up with these difficult situations.  It is the dua for healing broken heart that helps people find peace in difficult times.

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Dua For Heartbreak

It is said that Allah makes us go through bad times so that we value the good times more. It is also a way of testing our faith and belief in him. If you are going through a heartbreaking phase in your life, you should definitely read the dua for heartbreak. This is the dua to get over a broken heart with the blessing and support of Allah.

Love is the most common reason for people having a broken heart. A lot of people fall in love with someone and are heartbroken when their feelings are not reciprocated. The pain of being a one-sided lover can be painful for people and they need the dua for healing broken heart. This will help them in reducing the pain of unrequited love.

A lot of people also fall in love with wrong people. When they have a bad experience with love, they often stop believing in the beauty of it. The dua to get over a broken heart helps them in letting go of the bad memories. It helps them in moving on in life and accept their past. Accepting the ugly past is often the key to a beautiful future.

Surah For Broken Heart

Just like the dua for heartbreak and broken heart, the Surah for broken heart is also for people going through bad times. This surah is as effective as any other dua from the Quran. Let us now tell you how to read the surah or dua for healing broken heart.

  • You have to read this dua after the Esha prayer.
  • After completing the namaz, read this Surah: “Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyuum, Bi Rahmat Ika Astagheeth”.
  • Read this for at least 1000 times for one week.

This surah will definitely give you the strength to get over the pain of your broken heart. If this Surah for broken heart does not help you, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab.

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